Teach your child to float

Child floating on their back in a star shape

Learning to float is one of the skills children are taught in Swim Safe – one that could save your child’s life. This essential life skill will teach them to keep their airways clear of the water and control their breathing if they get into trouble in the water. Watch our video on how to float and practise next time you visit the pool.

Teach Your Child to Float

Being able to float is an essential life skill and could help save your child’s life. This video shows you how to position your child’s body when swimming, encourage them to have a go next time you are at the pool together! When in the water and practising for the first time; help your child lay back, tilt their head so their ears are submerged and bring their legs up into a floating position. Their legs don’t need to be completely straight and on the surface of the water, if they sink slightly that is fine. If your child ever falls into water unexpectedly and experiences cold water shock, floating in this position will allow them to get control of their breathing and could help save their life.

The Seaside Safety Song

Our earworm is a fun way for children (and adults!) to remember key safety tips when visiting a beach:

  • Choose a lifeguarded beach
  • Stay between the flags
  • If you get into trouble, float in a starfish shape

Water Safety Wednesdays: Float

In this episode of Water Safety Wednesdays Liam looks at things that float, teaches children how to float and does an interactive activity on cold water shock. If you would like to see the rest in this series you can find them on the RNLI YouTube channel.