Participants share their experience

Friday, 27 October, 2017

Whilst we were at Scarborough North Bay this summer we caught up with two of our young participants, Cara and Charlotte, who told us about their experience of a Swim Safe session.

“It was really good, we learnt what to do in an emergency and how to call for help. We also learnt different safety positions in the water, how to get the lifeguards attention and what to do to calm yourself down in an emergency.”

“We had to wear a wetsuit, vest and a cap to keep us warm during the session. It was quite cold when you first get in the water, but once you start with the starfish position it gets you used to the water, and then once you get warm enough you move on to the help position. Finally we learnt how to do the huddle position where you have to link arms, and then the person facing the shore has to count down from three and then you all have to shout help to get the lifeguards attention.”

We also spoke to their parents to find out why they thought it was important for their children to take part in a session.

“I think it is really important that our children know how to be safe, where to swim if they go in the sea, how far out they can go, where the lifeguards are and knowing about the danger of riptides, especially living near the seaside.”

“They have really enjoyed it. I think it is good that they have learnt what to do if they get in trouble and what to do to stop themselves panicking, as a lot of people do panic. I thought that was very, very good for them to do!”

Thank you to Cara, Charlotte and their parents for sharing their great experience with us! For more information on Swim Safe sessions, please email