Got a question? Then check out our Swim Safe FAQs below. They are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about Swim Safe.

Do I need to provide a wetsuit for my child?

No, wetsuits are provided on site, however if your child has a wetsuit and would prefer to use their own then please bring it along. Please note it must be a full length, well fitting wetsuit of appropriate thickness. Swim Safe Site Coordinators may ask you to use a Swim Safe wetsuit if this is not the case. This is for the safety of the group.

What do I need to bring?

Your child will just need swimwear (preferably already on under clothes), a towel following the activity and if it is a hot day please make sure your child is wearing the appropriate level of sun cream. A wetsuit, rash vest and swimming cap will all be provided at site.

My child is under seven years old, but can swim 25m unaided. Can they join in?

Swim Safe sessions are designed for children aged 7-14 who can swim. Younger siblings may be able to join in with Lifeguard messaging activities on the day but will not be able to take part in water based activities.

My child is the right age to take part, but cannot swim 25m unaided. Can they still take part?

Swim Safe sessions are designed for children aged between 7-14 who can swim a minimum of 25m unaided. Less competent swimmers can join in with Lifeguard messaging activities but will be unable to take part in water based activities.

Can I book my child onto more than one session?

When booking through the online form, only one live booking can be made at a time. After your child has taken part in the first session you will then be able to re-book.

What time are the sessions and how long are the sessions?

Each session takes around 60 minutes. This is a mixture of land-based and in-water tuition. Young people will be in the water for approximately 30 minutes.

Will the sessions still run in bad weather and what happens if a session is cancelled?

Each day a risk assessment will take place and if the weather or water conditions deem the session unsafe, we will cancel the session. We will advise any pre-registered participants by email, so please check emails before departing for your Swim Safe session. We will try to text or phone, but this may not be possible at every location.

How much are the sessions?

All sessions are completely free.

Does my child receive anything for taking part?

Yes, each child will receive a Swim Safe swimming hat and T-shirt and swimming badge.

How do I book my child on to a session?

Swim Safe online bookings are available here.

Can I book a group in to participate in a session?

Yes, groups can be booked to participate in a session. Please make sure to pre-book your group so that we can accommodate everyone in the same session.

How can I leave feedback on the programme?

Feedback can be given at site to the site coordinator. However, if you feel you want to feedback after the event then please send this through to swimsafe@swimming.org.